The Downfall of Education

outdated educational system-blog1.jpg

According to UNESCO, rates of unemployment among people between fifteen and twenty -four years old are two to three times those of adults in industrial countries, and up to five to seven times higher in some developing countries (UNESCO, 2014). Although causes of youth unemployment are many, a major contributing factor to this unemployment is a mismatch between skills demand and supply (UNESCO, 2014). Nowadays, students with a degree are heading home unemployed because they have a bachelor’s degree and their previous job required a master’s degree or they have a master’s degree and their previous job required a Ph.D. This process is defined as the process of academic inflation (Robinson, 2006). Here comes the role of the educational system in better equipping young people to enter the labor force. Thus, the current educational systems should make sustained efforts to better equip learners with skills that make them trainable and adaptable to this fast shift in the labor market opportunities (UNESCO, 2014).

Our schools, as well as our societies, fed us with the idea that the primary subjects for work are scientific subjects and any other subject is complementary and should not be stressed upon. When one reaches their high school years, their grades define whether they will enroll in humanities or scientific studies and what kind of job they might hold in the future. Even orientation, regarding helping students to decide what to choose as a future major is mainly based on the evaluation of the grades of the subjects, mandatorily taken by the students. Here, I remember when I finished school that I focused on choosing a major appropriate to my previous knowledge and learning, and not according to my own interest and skills. I enrolled in general sciences, so the label of an engineer was expected from me to be held next. 

E. O. Wilson stated that “Given that human action comprises events of physical causation, why should the social sciences and the humanities be impervious to consilience with the natural sciences?… Nothing fundamental separates the course of human history from the course of physical history, whether in the stars or in organic diversity.” (Edelman, 2006).

So why are we even separating them and giving them statuses?

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